KRS Furniture American Design Bed KF1 @ 250 Taka Coupon


We Use Only Gorgon Wood & Gorgon Plywood, All The Best Quality Our Products
All Our Furniture Is Currently Being Exported To USA. Good looking for beautiful Bedroom Furniture.  we given 10 years warranty home delivery service and delivery charge depend on location.

  • Style : American Design Bed.
  • Color : Your favorite choice.
  • Type : Modern Style.
  • Size :5/7 Ft.
  • Category: Home Furniture:=!- Bed, Almari, Dressing table, Daining table, Door, Sofa set Cabinet,TV table, Wardrobe .E.T.V.

Coupon Price (Pay to : BDT. 250.00 
Net Remaining (Pay to Shop) : BDT. 22000.00

Redemption Steps

1. Buy coupon from by completing the payment at Checkout.

2. Receive an email confirmation with Coupon attached from Ekkdam.

3. Call to our number (:01775018684, 01625149375, 01751748286) & share us the coupon code and furniture color. To confirm your home delivery. 

Location:-Uttara, Sector,Road:6/c,House:54 ,Khalpar ,Mosque ,Purbo ,Pase ,Dhaka 1230.

Terms and Conditions

1. This coupon is valid till 30th July 2017.