Fastrack Belt (Original) @ 260 Taka Coupon

Coupon Price: SGD 260.00

COUPON Details


Product Code : 3024SL01

Coupon Price (Pay to : BDT. 260.00

Net Remaining (Pay to Shop) : BDT. 4,420.00 

Redemption Steps

1. Buy coupon from by completing the payment at Checkout.

2. Receive an email confirmation with Coupon attached from Ekkdam.

3. Call to our number ( 01680121804 ) & tell us the coupon code to confirm your home delivery.

4. Home delivery
  • Outside Dhaka 100 Taka
  • Inside Dhaka City Corporation 40 Taka

    Terms and Conditions

    1. This coupon is valid till 30th November, 2016.


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