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Barbiedella Shurgs B1 @ 11 Taka coupon


নতুন বছরে Barbidella প্রথম বারের মত আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে আসলো সম্পূর্ণ নিজস্ব ভাবে তৈরি Designer সারগ্স‌ or cotti  !!! Perfect in any Occasions, Holiday, At Home, Party, Working within air conditioned room or chilly beach side.

  • Color : Deep Blue, golden, black, olive, purple, maroon, choclate
  • Material : Shamus Silk & Shirting
  • Size : Free
  • Length : 42"
  • Wash way : Hand wash softly, lay to dry

Coupon price ( pay to BDT : 11.00

Net Remaining ( pay to shop) BDT : 966.00

Redemption steps

1. Buy coupon from by completing the payment at checkout.

2. Receive an email confirmation with coupon attached from Ekkdam.

3. Go to our shop listed below.

4. Show the coupon Prior to your purchase and enjoy it!

Delivery 15 days offer confirmation to order home delivery. Delivery Charge for Dhaka City 60 Taka & Others 100 Taka

Phone : 01783-769892

Terms and Conditions

This coupon is valid till 30th April, 2017