Wardah Renew You Anti Aging Intensive Serum with Apple Stem Cell Extract 17ml

From the Laboratory of Wardah Research comes yet another innovative solution for skin aging problem.

Wardah’s Advanced RecoverAge System is a true breakthrough in skin treatment that defies key signs of aging(wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, sun spots, unevenness of skin tone, and loss of firmness and skin elasticity). Featuring our own active ingredients that helps reveal your youthful skin.

The ten active ingredients address ten signs of aging. The silky texture serum formulated with Apple Stem Cell(Malus Domestica) extract helps to protect skin cells and skin stem cells from premature aging. Contains 5 Botanical Extract which helps to moisturize skin and Advanced Moisturizing Complex that helps to retain skin moisture for longer. Vitamin E and Centella Asiatica and Resveratol act as an anti-oxidant. Also contains peptides that can help to maintin skin elasticity and Allantoin as an anti-irritant. The skin becomes radiant, smooth and youthful looking.

All Natural Ingredients have been sourced from vegetable/plant based material

Ingredients for Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Balancing Facial Wash has been certified Halal by Indonesia's Halal certifying body, Majlis Ulama Indonesia.