Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Intensive Night Cream 30g

Maintaining your skin moisture is one of the important process in obtaining naturally beautiful skin. Skin that is hydrated feels smoother, softer and obtains a effective layer of protection from the elements. Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Intensive Night Cream has been formulated to address those needs:

  • The cream has a soft and comfortable texture that pampers your skin during the night.
  • The natural and fresh aroma provides a sense of internal calmness

After thorough research Wardah has discovered the perfect combination that is able to achieve skin that is soft, smooth and well maintained. the combination off active ingredients have been chosen to help the skin return to its natural skin tone, with:

  • Balancing Seaweed Extract - known to help maintain natural skin condition
  • Dermacare+ Formula  - This formula contains Squalane and Vitamin E specially designed to provide skin with moisture and help maintain skin elasticity the whole night
  • Microcollagen - A peptide compund that naturally interacts with skin cells to restore skin elasticity so skin feels smoother and softer.

All Natural Ingredients have been sourced from vegetable/plant based material.

Ingredients for this product has been certified Halal by Indonesia's Halal certifying body, Majlis Ulama Indonesia.